About JWalker

JWalker dog harness was invented by a Canine Behaviour Expert to humanely stop dogs from pulling their handlers on leash walks.


Our harness is a PATENTED side/shoulder attachment design that's used to redirect a dog's focus with little effort and lets you reward good behaviour.

Learn About How it Works

JWalker has been issued a Patent in Canada (Patent # CA 2983695) and has been issued a Patent in the USA (Patent # US 10,709, 113 B2)

Learn About Sizing & Fitting 

JWalker comes in 10 different colours made from tubular mil-spec webbing. 

What is different between JWalker OG & JWalker 2.0?

We have taken this opportunity to make a few minor changes to our signature Patented Side- Attachment Harness based on feedback over the last 6 years. 

Feedback: The side release buckle can be difficult to compress for individuals with weak, sore or arthritic thumbs. 

Solution: We have changed our side release buckle to one that is easier to unclip without losing the security or strength of the previous one. 

Feedback: We wish there was a reflective feature on the harness to make it easier to see at night.

Solution: We have changed the branded ribbon featured on the top strap of each JWalker. the ribbon will be a slighly darker grey colour with our JWalker logo printed in reflective ink!

Feeback: It can sometimes be difficult to know where to search for fiiting videos and instructions.

Solution: We have changed our fitting tag indicator from a plain old sizing tag to a heat-stamped technology which, beyond the product size, will also include a scannable QR code (link to our fitting video), our patent information and our website!

Feedback: The side buckle tends to sit near my dog's armpit.

Solution: We have adjusted the length of our clip strap from two inches to one inch to raise the clip higher onto the dog's side!

Feedback: The extra small harness (XSm) is the right size measurement, but the webbing and hardware seem too bulky and heavy for my dog.

Solution: We have officially changed the extra small harness design to be made from 5/8" webbing and hardware similar to our tiny size harness, thus reducing it's bulk and weight and making it a better solution for dogs between 15-25 pounds. 


We are increasing our manufacturing operations.

With the many recent changes in the industry such as supply chain issues, customs delays and shipping cost, we have had some difficulties maintaining a fully stocked inventory. To date, our product manufacturing operations have been local, low-scale and primarily by-hand. These practices have dramatically increased our costs and limited our production power. 

As you may be aware since our inception in 2017 we have been committed to our position on supporting local and being Canadian proud. These principles still stand as we continue our growth and ensure our viability in the industry. 

We are now working with a new manufacturing organization based in the USA who will meet all our our inventory and quality assurance demands. We are very excited about the future of JWalker 2.0


For specifications and testing reports on individual parts please reach out to us by email at info@jwalkerdog.com

We offer private label options and retail partnerships. 


 About the Inventor

"My products improve lives by changing the way people live and move with their dogs."- Jessica Eden O'Neill

The inventor of JWalker, Jessica Eden O'Neill is a qualified Canine Behaviour Expert and has been working in the pet industry for more than fifteen years. She believes in establishing harmony and balance using the path of least resistance with a focus on strengthening the human/animal bond. And that's why she invented the JWalker dog harness product line.