J'ai besoin d'espace : des produits pour chiens pour préparer votre chien au succès

I Need Space: Dog Products to Set Your Dog Up For Success

Some dogs just need a little extra space.   The colour yellow has been adopted as the visual to help remind people to respect your pup's needs. This is a much needed way of signalling to others that your dog requires spacial respect. Just as some humans require more space than others, so too do some dogs. Using yellow indicators when in public can help avoid unnecessary altercations and discomfort. These yellow identified dogs can now be a part of society and their owners can help educate the public and rest easy knowing that their dog won't be set up for failure.


Why Yellow?

When a dog is sporting a yellow ribbon, bandanna, leash or harness it means that they require people to be cautious around them. Similar to a traffic light or road sign, yellow means go slow and be mindful.


Why do Some Dogs Need Space?

Dogs need space for a variety of reasons. Not all dogs sporting yellow are aggressive or 'reactive'; some are just timid or recovering from an injury, or they might just in training and are easily distracted.


Who Should Use "I NEED SPACE" Products?

Any dog owner who wishes to send a message to others to be respectful of their dog. There are no specific characteristics or problem behaviours required to choose to use the "I NEED SPACE" products.


How Does it Work?

Education is so important when it comes to responsible dog ownership. Being a dog owner is a tough job. Dog owners must both advocate for their dogs' health and well-being AND all the people they cross paths. Our "I NEED SPACE" products do the talking so you don't have to. Should someone fail to read the words, the yellow colour and pattern mimic caution tape and other widely accepted indications to slow.

JWalker Dog Harness Products is a huge supporter of The Yellow Dog Project