Entrenamiento en casa con timbres de perro y vaca

No more barking, scratched doors or broken screens. Makes house training a breeze.


Choosing the right tools can improve the way you communicate with your dog. 

At JWalker Dog we are dedicated to helping Owners like you find solutions to everyday problems. Our line of products change the way people live and move with their dogs.
Our team of experts are working with dog owners to everyday to identify problems and develop user-friendly tools. Our Dog-Cow Doorbells provide a necessary communication tool for owners dealing with multiple house-training issues. 
Product Training Solutions Unique Product Features
 Barking Indoor & Outdoor
Destruction Height Adjustable
House-soiling High Quality Materials
Scratching Classic Copper Cowbells

 These issues can all be improved by teaching your dog to communicate their needs in an appropriate way. Our Dog-Cow Doorbells are designed by professionals for dog owners like you.

 Buy your set of Dog-Cow Doorbells today and improving the way you communicate with your dog. 

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