Los productos de arnés para perros de JWalker se hacen nacionales con un centro de ventas en línea

JWalker Dog Harness Products & Jessica O'Neill, animal behaviourist

Dog lovers from across Canada can now buy JWalker Dog Harness Products online for home delivery, it was announced today.

The dog harnesses, leashes and belts were invented by a canine behaviourist to stop dogs from pulling and use a unique patented side/shoulder attachment design that’s used to redirect a dog’s focus with little effort, and lets dog owners reward good behaviour.

“We’re changing lives by improving the way people live and move with their dogs,” explains JeJWalker Dog Harness Products and Jessica O'Neill, pet behaviouristssica O’Neill, the inventor for JWalker and a qualified canine behaviourist who has been working in the pet industry for more than ten years. Jessica originally designed JWalker to help her clients and for personal use with her own dogs. The product was test launched on social media and quickly began to generate interest. Increasing demand meant establishing a manufacturing facility in Ottawa, ON.  A range of dog accessories has been added to the product range too, and are available for purchase online.

JWalker Dog Products have been available through retailers in Eastern Ontario since early 2017 and, from today, are available nationally online.

The JWalker Dog Harness philosophy

Jessica is a serial entrepreneur and owns a dog behaviour training consulting service and a behaviour boarding and rehab home for dogs.

She believes in establishing harmony and balance using the path of least resistance with a focus on strengthening the human/animal bond and this philosophy is at the centre of her JWalker design. 

“We provide professional quality products not only to control your dog, but teach them as well,” explains Jessica.  “We teach our customers how to use our products to respond to their pets’ behaviours and support them in being great dog owners.”

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