Buy ReUsed

While we continue to work with our rescue partners by donating gently used harnesses, we have still found ourselves left with a bit of a graveyard of unused products and materials.
  • damaged items returned by customers who have activated their warranty 
  • material ends of webbing and ribbon that would otherwise be discarded
  • products that did not pass through quality control due to slight defects
We want to do our part to reuse and recycle as much product and material as possible. 
    We have decided to start a Reuse & Recycle Program using these products, and other otherwise discarded materials to create beautiful, unique and entirely functional harnesses at a low cost to the consumer. We call the line JWalker-ECO

    Here's how it works:

    All used materials are washed and then sent to our local manufacturing team who are granted total creative freedom to 'Frankenstein' these materials together to create fully functional harnesses by size. Customers can choose  a JWalker-ECO by size through our product page and will be sent their very own unique product. There will be no ability to select colour and most of our ECO harnesses will have multi-coloured webbing and thread. 

    So, if you value shiny and new, matching gear and hate surprises, our ECO line is not for you... BUT, if you are looking for an economical, eco-friendly way to get your dog benefitting from the best harness on the market, JWalker- ECO was made for you! Plus, your harness will be 100% unique, just like your dog! 

    What to expect:

    Your ECO harness will be a completely unique, multi-coloured product. Each ECO product will be FULLY FUNCTIONAL and will include the following:

    • a sizing label somewhere on the product,
    • our signature grey JWalker ribbon visible somewhere on the product
    • our yellow fitting and sizing indicator tag on the clip strap as identified in our fitting videos
    • our signature tubular webbing free from any cuts or tears (some slight frying on the edges may be visible)
    • our signature box-stitch on all connection points

    Our ECO products do not qualify for our replacement warranty and are sold AS-IS. They are subject to a 7 day return policy ONLY.