Dog-Cow Doorbells
Dog-Cow Doorbells
Dog-Cow Doorbells
Dog-Cow Doorbells
Dog-Cow Doorbells

Dog-Cow Doorbells

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A New Way to Communicate with Your Dog. 

Made from our premium tubular webbing and classic copper cow bells, our Dog-Cow Doorbells provide an attractive and simple solution to communicating with your dog. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to help your dog communicate their desire to go in and outside.

No more barking, scratched doors or broken screens!

It’s EASY! Just hang your bells on the door knob, adjust the height and open the door when you hear them ring!

How it Works
Dogs do what works to achieve their motive. B. F. Skinner nailed it when he taught us how positive reinforcement works. If ringing the bell opens the door, ring they shall!

  1. Hang your bells on the door your dog uses to enter and exit the house. Adjust the length so they are directly at your dog’s nose height.
  2. Watch for the ‘pee-pee dance’ or any indication that your dog wishes to go outside.
  3. If your dog rings the bells accidentally, open the door (this is called CAPTURING). OR Call your dog to the door and place or hold a treat or some peanut butter near the bells (this is called LURING).
  4. When your dog sniffs the bells they will ring. Immediately open the door.


Soon your dog will associate ringing the bells with the door opening.

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